We have been innovating and investing in food service, beverage and retail for years with the good fortune of helping to grow startups into businesses that now span the globe and also reposition mature brands.


We are a collaboration of top industry executives that can solve any problem with a uniquely expert cross functional team with + 150 years experience and a proven track record of operational integration.


We fill the gap by being a team member with our clients that collaborates, trains & implements digital, menu and store development solutions. We are NOT a list of independent consultants that focus only in their vertical expertise.


The shift to digital has begun, and there's no going back. But we get it! Being digitally enabled is challenging for chains.


Big Retail removes the "Friction" for brands moving up the digital scale.


Digitally Enabled End-to-End Solution

Consumers adoption of digital sites/apps (3PP) results in a new financial operating model for chains with significantly higher operating costs and limited relationship with their customers. Chains will need to leverage digital capabilities to more effectively meet changing customers priorities & how they consume. This will be done by creating a customer-centric experience that differentiates the brand through innovation and personalization - in a way that builds buzz for the brand, captures a greater share of meal occasions, fuels customer loyalty and engagement and ultimately drives digital sales.

We provide the full scope of digital engagement (back end and front end) to transform a restaurant chains core way of operating to being digitally enabled and unlock their incremental digital sales channels by providing an end-to-end digital solution, including design, architecture and integration role. We design upon your digital needs & enable all your sales

Digitally Enabled Chain Client Promise:

Significantly increase digital sales, total sales, profit margins and operate more successfully by:

- Winning new consumers through branded sites/apps

- Migrate existing consumers to branded sites/apps

- Ensuring profitably for direct or marketplace sales

- Own consumer relationship and their consumers data

- Selectively adding Ghost Kitchen distribution

Ask us about our restaurant chain digital gap survey that defines your gap, success criteria and provides real clarity around your brands digital footprint

Store Development & Workout

We provide all aspects of Store Development from developing growth strategies to providing all the latest analytics and tools. With our partner eSite analytics we support your growth plan and provide the most sophisticated science and data to your store development decisions.


Once the plan is established, we provide the "art" of store development through our detailed site selection strategy attributes and broker management communication plan.


Our design ecosystem includes experts in a broad array of disciplines including retail, kitchen design, brand, product, packaging, and digital.


- Lease Workout Support and Strategy

- Right Sizing Strategies

- Analytics, Modeling, Data, Mapping

- Growth Strategies

- Demand Forecasting, Market Optimization
   and Right Sizing Strategies

- Site Selection Strategy

- Broker Management Support

Menu Development & Off Premise

We are committed to the restaurant industry and know your business. Our nationally recognized culinary services partner, Kelly Mullarney and his team will work directly on your business and bring his creative skills to your brand.


Operationally, we partner with our clients, constantly striving to identify the opportunities and financial challenges unique to your brand using our expertise and experiences to provide effective and forward-thinking solutions. We work with all restaurant segments, breweries, and franchisors from startup brands to mature brands across the country – geography is no concern. One location restaurant or a national concept doing business in multiple states.


- Brand Development & Implementation

- Menu Development

- Catering Consulting

- Off Premise Sales Building

- Operations integration and support

- Franchise Development Support

Client Work
BIG Retail developed white board concept and implemented integrated operational systems through opening including all POS and IT systems

Nutella cafe New York

Nutella cafe Chicago

BIG Retails Team of Real Estate, Menu Development, Store Operations, Finance, IT, & HR experts brought the Nutella Café Vision to Reality

A sample of other food service companies we've worked with:

A sample of other retail companies we've worked with:

A uniquely expert cross functional team with + 150 Years experience and a proven track record of operational integration

Dave Barrows

Dave Barrows is a senior operations executive with 30+ years experience in retail, food service, and technology. Experience stems from roles at Apple Retail/SMB, marketing roles at Nestle and PepsiCo/Taco Bell, CEO of restaurant chains Boudin Bakery and World Wrapps, and owner/operator of the Bay Area El Pollo Loco franchise group. In recent years Dave has been retained to design retail expansion plans and operational processes for scores of leading companies, including Samsung, Microsoft, Adidas, Ferraro/Nutella, Il Fornaio, Oakley and Cricket.

Brian Pearson
Technology Partner

Brian has laed dynamic IT organizations for startup, growth, and mature public restaurant companies Built solutions from the ground up, integrating POS, KDS, HRIS, ERP and numerous other in store and above store technologies to achieve the company's strategic agenda. Specialties include Mobile Strategy & Development, Bus Process Automation, Product Integration & Analytics.

James McGehee
CFO & Systems Partner

James has held many Senior Financial positions / CFO for a broad spectrum of hospitality brands that rely on his strategic, financial and systems expertise. Strengths lie in integrating systems, streamlining operations and eliminating wasteful overhead.

Kirk Thompson
CMO Partner

Kirk has held several Fortune 500 senior marketing positions including:

Marketing & Head of Culinary Innovation IHOP

VP Marketing / Family, Community & Customer Service Platforms Westfield

VP, Global Marketing / Hilton Hotels & Resorts; Luxury Brands

Henry Bagdasar
Business Development Manager

Henry has the perfect background for helping clients become digitally enabled with his background and experience of computer science minor (UC Berkeley 2021), Hass School of Business Executive Program and years of experience delivering for Post Mates.

George Murphy
Brand Strategy Partner

In addition to BIG Retail, George is founder and principal  of MODO group and has also held executive roles leading brand development at The Coca-Cola Company and Starbucks. George has advised many of the leading Fortune 500 companies with Brand Strategy, Store Development & Market Research. www.modo-group.com

Monica Challingsworth
Sales Building & Training Partner

Co-founder and President at Eustress and Demeter LLC Successfully designed, implemented, and executed extremely successful sales and marketing programs for some of the top names in hospitality and private equity. Specializes in building take-out, delivery and catering programs for multi-unit restaurant groups and independent operators.

Scott Woodburn
Business Development Partner

Vice President National & Global Sales Coca-Cola.

Focused, passionate and strategic leader, offering diverse and accomplished experience in the foodservice, beverage and consumer products industry.

Led overall global sales strategy for key accounts including creation of goals, approach, positioning, brand management, negotiation guidance, and overall communication and engagement strategy.

Led cross-functional management team responsible for all aspects of national and global account portfolio including sales, marketing, operations and finance.

P&L accountability for national and global account team with annual revenues of $300 million.

Kelly Mullarney
Culinary Partner

Skilled in Food & Beverage, Customer Service, Culinary Skills, Leadership, and Team Building. Strong product management professional graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. Founder – Bruxie Chef Owner – Chef Innovations.

Scott Bedbury
Brand Advisor

Bedbury was the senior marketing executive who was instrumental in building both the Starbucks and Nike brands from modest beginnings to the global powerhouses they are today. He has provided early stage brand development support to some of the best known brands in the world in technology, retail and food service. In addition to Scott’s advisory consulting, he is a speaker and best-selling author of A New Brand World; 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century.

Anthony Mejia
Technology Partner

Anthony has lead technology for multiple small to medium size restaurant companies in each of the public, private, and franchise based models for both casual dining and fast casual. He has focused on support, implementation, integration and data extraction of digital POS, seating, bar and kitchen systems as well as digital transformations for off premise experiences for guests. Specialties include data acquisition/analytics, omni channel development, as well as product selection/integration.

Kelly Mullarney - Culinary Partner

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